State of Georgia
Governor Brian Kemp
206 Washington Street

Suite 203, State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334


Dear Governor Kemp,

I am writing to request that you appoint Dr. Paul Broun as our new Georgia U.S. Senator to replace Johnny Isakson who has announced his retirement after 20 years of service. As a 3-time U.S. Congressman, Dr. Broun amassed a solid conservative track record that surpasses virtually everyone in Congress.

  • He never voted for tax increase while in Congress
  • He never voted to increase the debt ceiling
  • He never voted for a bailout
  • He proposed the most targeted spending cuts of any Representative

Paul BrounWhile in Congress Dr. Broun wrote landmark legislation including:

  • The “Audit the Fed” bill H.R. 24 (2013) that passed the U.S. House by a 333-92 margin
  • The Patient Option Act H.R. 4224 (2012), the best Obamacare alternative bill
  • The Jobs Act H.R. 4224 to jump start our business sector by lowering corporate and individual taxes
  • Sanctity of Human Life bill H.R. 212 (2011) that protected the personhood of unborn
  • Dept. of Education Elimination Act H.R. 5394 (2014) to return education control to states and localities

As a Congressman, Dr. Broun received much recognition for his service:

  • Citizens against Government Waste - Super Hero
  • 90-100% ratings from high profile government watchdog groups such as Club for Growth, American Conservative Union, Heritage Foundation, Conservative Review
  • National Association for Gun Rights – Constitutional Defender

Dr. Broun was instrumental in helping to bring Caterpillar and Baxter Pharmaceuticals to Georgia.

His 4 Way Test when voting on legislation is a metric that should be adopted by all U.S. Congressmen.

Is it Constitutional?  Is it necessary? 
Is it affordable?  Is it morally right?


Dr. Paul Broun will be a bold conservative voice with you for the benefit of all Georgians in a manner more beneficial than anyone else you could appoint. Your appointment of Dr. Broun as our next U.S. Senator would signal your leadership in advancing conservatism in Georgia.

I look forward to your decision.  Thank you.

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